Weil-McLain hydronic comfort heating systems for residential, commercial and institutional buildings

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Easy to Install Easy to Service
Made with Weil-McLain Quality


  • EASY STAND-UP SERVICE. Components are easy to get to by removing the top jacket panel.Weil-McLain GV GAS BOILER 4 SIZES
  • EASY TO UNDERSTAND. Pictorial wiring diagrams and troubleshooting guide in the top jacket panel.
  • FEWER PARTS. Faster, easier service…more reliable operation.. less to go wrong
  • SEALED COMBUSTION. You asked for it. Reduces energy usage by elimination air infiltration.
  • NEW COMBUSTION TECHNOLOGY. Assures maximum efficiency with fewer parts and less complexity. Accomplished through premix technology- gas and air are thoroughly mixed in the blower before entering the single burner.
  • GCM CONTROL MODULE. Designed for Weil-McLain. Features mistake proof wiring and diagnostic indicator lights.
  • SIMPLE PROPANE CONVERSION. Just change the orifice plate provided with the boiler-nothing else required.
  • NO START-UP ADJUSTMENTS. Self-regulating gas valve-no adjustments to make rate.
  • EASY TO HANDLE. New crate design with the weight at the bottom for easy hand-trucking. One person can move the GV into position.
  • FACTORY-TESTED. Every boiler is tested at the factory to assure dependable operation.
  • HOT SURFACE IGNITION. Provides more reliable starts without adjustments.
  • NEW PARTS APPROACH. Parts furnished in convenient kits with everything needed.
  • LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY. Covers cast iron sections.

WTGO WATER BOILER With Tankless Heater Openings 7 SIZES

  • BACK OR TOP VENTING. Convertible flue outlet permits either horizontal or vertical venting.Weil-McLain WTGO WATER BOILER With Tankless Heater Openings 7 SIZES
  • SWING-AWAY BURNER DOOR. Hinged door provides easy access to entire combustion area. Opens fully. Easily removed.
  • EASY INSPECTION. Flue outlet cap can be quickly removed to inspect flueways.
  • TOP CLEANING. Removing the flue collector hood exposes all flueways for cleaning. Heat pin placement prevents stuck brushes.
  • TANKLESS HEATERS. Increased capacity for more hot water. Captured seal design. Heater opening extends beyond jacket.
  • CAPTURED SEAL DESIGN. Protects elastomer sealing rings from contaminants.
  • RECESSED TARGET WALL. Back section design protects new high temperature ceramic fiber from flue brush damage.
  • FACTORY-WIRED CIRCULATOR. On packaged boilers the circulator is wired with a 30-inch harness, but is not mounted on the boiler to provide location flexibility.
  • SERVICE SWITCH. Easy to disconnect power for burner service. J-box helps simplify wiring.
  • HIGH EFFICIENCY. Over 85% operating efficiency saves fuel.
  • LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY. Covers cast iron sections.

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