AA3/4-14 Automag Zone Valve
Automag Zone Valve
May 12, 2021
SAS Safety Hi-Viz Class 3 Hooded Bomber Jacket XL
SAS Safety Hi-Viz Class 3 Hooded Bomber Jacket XL
May 19, 2021
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SAS Safety Rain Suit XL 3Pc

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3Pc Pvc/Polyester

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S A S Safety Corp 6814-01 Rain Suit Xl 3Pc Pvc/Polyester


  • PVC/Polyester
  • Imported
  • Jacket with detachable drawstring hood and corduroy collar for comfort
  • Ventilated cape back
  • 3 piece 0.35mm PVC/polyester construction
  • Adjustable cuff and ankle snaps for better fit
  • Storm front snap with zipper, two flapped pockets

From the Manufacturer about this rain suit

Ventilated Cape Back. Storm Front Snap with Zipper. Jacket with Detachable Drawstring Hood and Corduroy Collar for Comfort. Two Flapped Pockets. Bib Overall with Adjustable Suspenders. Adjustable Cuff and Ankle Snaps for Better Fit. High-Visibility Safety Color. For almost three decades, SAS Safety Corporation has been manufacturing and supplying the Industrial, Automotive, Agriculture and Marine Industries with products and equipment designed to make workplaces safer. At SAS Safety Corporation we are dedicated to providing quality products that protect and preserve the most valuable resource on earth: people, As an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, all goods sold by SAS Safety Corporation are carefully manufactured, tested, inspected, checked and packaged by experienced workers, and are as free from defects as possible prior to leaving the factory. We offer a complete line of Respiratory, Hearing, Eye, Hand/Body protection products plus First-Aid Kits, Absorbents, Spill Containment and Safety Accessories.

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Additional information
Weight 3 lbs


SAS Safety Corp.

SAS Safety Corp

Who we are…

Whether you’re a safety manager, business owner, or DIY’er, SAS Safety Corp. has developed head-to-toe safety solutions that will keep you in compliance with federal regulations and help prevent debilitating injuries and hazards around the home and workplace. For over four decades we have been providing a full spectrum of safety products and programs for the industrial, automotive, agriculture, and marine industries. We are passionate about providing dependable products that protect and preserve the most valuable resource on earth: people! SAS Safety Corp. has been ISO 9001 certified 2015 and utilizes ISO processes to ensure that you consistently get quality products and services. We also supply NIOSH certified respiratory equipment that is regularly tested to verify that products are at high performance standards.

What we do…

SAS Safety Corp. offers head-to-toe safety products and solutions for respiratory, hearing, eyes, hands, body, face, first-aid kits, absorbents, spill containment, and other crucial safety accessories. For product information see our online resource by clicking “Downloads” in the navigation above. Our goal is to provide safety managers, wholesalers, and DIY’ers with simple solutions for determining safety needs. SAS Safety Corp. is currently in development of safety awareness programs in conjunction with extensive online safety resources that will give the end-user enough information to make an informed safety decision based on the area of protection, potential hazard, or a specific task or profession.

Why it’s important…

Money Saved With Solid Workplace Safety
With a small investment in safety equipment and changes or development of an internal safety policy, you can increase profitably and productivity while keeping your employees safe. A 2012 study by California’s Division of Occupational Safety and Health (Cal/OSHA) indicated a 9.4% reduction in injury claims and a 26% average savings on workers’ compensation costs in the four years following a Cal/OSHA inspection compared to a similar group of uninspected workplaces. On average, inspected firms saved an estimated $355,000 in injury claims and compensation paid for lost work over those four years.

We can save the DIY’er a trip to the emergency room.

One in five do-it-yourselfers will require medical attention this year. According to Consumer Reports, Lawn mower-related injuries alone treated in hospital emergency rooms totaled 86,000 in 2009. It was reported that the four top safety culprits for DIY’ers were falling off a ladder, working with paints and chemicals, gardening, and power tools. According to the Monash University Accident Research Centre, power tools such as grinders, polishers and buffers account for one-fifth of all injuries. Preventable accidents occur because most novice DIY’ers and hobbyists have a tendency to solely focus on the task at hand, underestimating the amount of safety equipment needed for a particular project, or failing to recognize potential hazards altogether. Spending a small amount of time getting educated on how to be safe while performing household chores and weekend projects can save you on medical costs, hours spent in the emergency room and time out of work. ISO 9001, CERTIFIED SINCE 2015